The campaign will take place at the Taunus Observatory, located at 50°13´25" N, 8°26´56" E and 825 m above sea level at the summit of the "Kleiner Feldberg" a mountain in the Taunus range in South-western Germany.

The area directly around the observatory is mainly coniferous forest (predominantly spruce). The hill top itself (50 m in radius) has been cleared of trees for meteorological measurements. The direct vicinity of the measurement containers is covered by shrubs and blueberry plants. At lower levels, there are mountain ash, pine and beech trees.

Wind flow patterns are influenced by the presence of two similar sized mountains: Altkönig (798 m) and Groβer Feldberg (878 m) in the direct vicinity (2.7 km and 1.3 km distant, respectively).

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